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The approach to the religious expression, like singing, meditation or prayers, tends to involve the perceptive and communicative sense of those people who turn to it.
The holy statuary is not an exception, with its realistic reproduction of central themes and characters of the believer’s life, who searches in them a message of strong intensity.
These figurative objects, proposed by Principe, must be considered as a support of a model of sincere popular devotion which, born at the beginning of Christianity and developed later on throughout the centuries, marks the alliance between the heralded word and their influence on the individual.
From the depiction of the Nativity up to the Last Supper or to the various figures inspired by the Virgin and the Saints, this particular statuary trend has been object of the most varied artistic tendencies and has involved the greatest sculptors, from Donatello to Michelangelo, taking root in the Italian and European culture, and making feasible a universal familiarity with the fundamental nucleus of faith.

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