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The Venetian eighteenth century is somehow the century of nostalgia for the Serenissima golden era but also characterized by a more serene and relaxed mood. Between luxury and love, especially among the nobility, life falls asleep in a kind of sweet doze, it becomes frivolous, noisy, festive: it goes from an amusement to a theatre, to a banquet, with their mind far from the anxieties of a not very far end of the Republic.
Unlike the previous century, sensational and excessive, the eighteenth century is something different: delicate, refined, gallant and its artistic direction takes the name of Late Baroque or Rococo which has lots of success in Venice, where there is an increase of cosy, mawkish and intimate apartments, whilst tables become refined and enriched with embroidered linen, laces, porcelain sets and golden cutlery.
Ladies wear ample, silk gowns, rustling above a steel ring, very tight bodices and wings with heavy curls, whilst men wear light capes, dress swords, lake shoes decorated with ribbons and white silk socks.

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